LensQuery's Announcement: A Model-agnostic AI Chat Application

LensQuery's Announcement: A Model-agnostic AI Chat Application
LensQuery - Model-agnostic AI Chat Application | Product Hunt

Hello mate,

Today, I am thrilled to introduce my very first solo project - LensQuery. After a month of tireless work and dedication, it's finally here!

While LensQuery is not the next big thing, its core mission is to democratize AI accessibility. LensQuery is a simple mobile application that allows users to choose their favorite LLM models at the best price.

The primary aim of this app is to offer access to the LLM model at a competitive price through an easy-to-use mobile application. I also wanted to offer something unique, which led to the inclusion of the OCR service to extract text from images. To be honest, that was my initial pride and joy. However, with the recent launch of OpenAI's GPT-4V and its remarkable capabilities, I felt a slight shift in my approach was necessary.

Key Features

  • Model-agnostic Approach: Empower your experience by choosing your preferred AI model at the best price.
  • Instant Image Analysis: Snap a picture and LensQuery quickly analyzes the content to give you insights.
  • Engaging AI Conversations: Dive deeper into topics, ask questions, and get comprehensive responses all through our AI chat interface.

🎁 Special Offer for New Users: To get you started, every new registration will receive 0.1 credit! This means you can enjoy up to:

  • 10 text snaps
  • 5 equation text snaps
  • 50,000 GPT-3.5 usage tokens
  • 1,667 GPT-4 usage tokens
  • 500,000 Llama-1b usage tokens

It's worth noting that LensQuery is continually evolving. I'm ardently focused on refining its features and introducing more enhancements to elevate your experience.

I'm truly grateful for any feedback, suggestions, or thoughts you might have. Let's keep growing together! Thank you for checking it out and for your unwavering support. 💙

Duy Huynh